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Rear Lights S2 & S3 NOS !!!

PostPost by: Bud English » Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:41 pm

New-tral, yet so wise. :D I have to agree with you and Mark. I think personal decisions rank right up there with personal responsibility. It's the forum member's decision as to how to list an item or to respond to an ad. I've sold parts both on FleaBay and to directly forum members here with no problems. I've never listed an item in the for sale section however. I've replied to members, by PM, that have stated in posts that they need one part or another if I had one to spare. We've easily come to agree on a price that suits us both. That method of trade has worked for thousands of years and needs no new rules just because of a change in media. Make the decision. List a price or not. Make an offer or not. Get the part you need or not. It's not difficult :roll:
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PostPost by: Famous Frank » Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:56 pm

Gino and everyone else on this terrific forum. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to see any pics of the parts and missed out on all the excitement. Darn! But with this short note I'll be that much closer to getting to 4th gear.

Gino, As you know I always love looking at your pics and your projects. Keep up the good work. Don't sell any of the stuff. And on that note, if you would like to trade for some other valuable part(s) let me know. I have one or two squirreled away myself. Maybe we can trade. Contact me via a PM. Or anyone else for that matter.

Let's keep these magnificent cars on the road. Some will be priceless gems, others may be daily drivers! And as always, thank you to everyone who always help me with parts and technical advice. Many thanks, Frank

I'll close with a 1973 pic of my first Lotus which most of you have never seen. After purchase, I couldn't figure out why I was hitting every other pylon on a SOLO II course, .........that is until the first light snow storm. That's when I looked in my rear view mirror an saw four sets of tire tracks while traveling in a straight line. Hmmmm!
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PostPost by: bigvalvehead » Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:02 am

Why do some people get so cocerned about what price rare items sell for. If you need an item to complete a car it is up to the buyer to pay what he feels he is prepared to pay. It is really no one else's concern. No one forces anyone to buy anything!!
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