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elan plus 2 quarter light seals - new! ?70 a set posted

PostPost by: born » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:12 pm

I had some prototype tooling made in China to manufacture a set of rubber quarter light seals for a +2 I have been helping to restore. I couldn't believe that you couldn't get any new ones at the time, so cad modelled the parts and ordered prototypes.
I received enough material for 3 full sets - this is the correct profile for all 3 sections and I now have 2 sets available for sale. They owe me ?90 a set if I divide the prototype, shipping & duty costs by three, but am now aware that since I tooled these 2 years ago Paul Matty has sourced the correct profiles and they now do a set! Doh! Timing!!

I would be looking for ?70 posted per set, which is a decent saving over the Paul Matty set.
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