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MCT 75 gearbox for sale

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Some of you will no doubt recall my little problems associated with fitting a MCT75 box to my sprint. Having pretty much resolved these (although it's not fitted just yet) I thought I'd give a fellow owner the chance to suffer likewise! I've another brand new (old stock) MCT box that I bought as a spare but I won't need it- I don't think an elan has enough ooomph to wear out one of these!

I stress it's brand new, not recon and is still in the original factory packing case from Reman, the makers. It's currently located at Weston Super Mare as there didn't seem much point hauling it up to Merseyside in case any potential buyer was located in the south. For those unfamiliar with these boxes it's basically a MT75 but in a special casing without a bellhousing. The fixing pattern is as per the Type 9 box so a Rocket to BDA bellhousing bolts straight to it and in turn this bellhousing bolts straight to the elan block. The principal advantages of this box are that it fits a std Lotus frame and you can retain the std flywheel/ring gear/starter/external clutch system, clutch cover and spigot bearing (unlike a MT75 conversion) and the speedo drive is cable not electronic so no instrument changes etc..

There are some disadvantages I have to point out- 1st is low (3.89) but a 3.61 1st (as used by Spyder for their conversions) can be fitted, the input shaft also needs the nosepiece reducing a small amount in length, you also need to make up a gear linkage- depending on which chassis is under your car. 5th ratio is 0.76 so it mightn't be suitable for the heavier plus 2 unless you are swapping engines etc You also need other items such as a prop and different gearbox mounts but these aren't hugely problematic to resolve. Based on my own experience of this conversion it totals less than a AV job (by a fair bit if you avoid my mistakes). The biggest advantage is that you are using a known quantity in the form of a new box- Type 9's are of necessity a mixed bag now and most have unknown history, the MCT is a very tough box with a far better change and doesn't require internal mods regarding the linkage/lever position.

Price- these boxes are still being made with prices ranging from ?1300 up to ?1900. Secondhand they fetch around ?5-600. I'm asking ?800.

If interested please contact me either direct thru the forum or if you wish to talk about details associated with the conversion ring 0151 480 8400


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