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Elan Sprint carpets / front spoiler (Gloucestershire)

PostPost by: geri » Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:25 pm

Sorry to say I sold my Sprint in 1993.
Before I sold it I acquired but never fitted a new set of carpets and a GS cars front spoiler which have rested in my loft ever since.
I wondered whether anyone might be interested in one or t'other.

The carpets seem to be missing one piece (which I must have fitted) but are in perfect condition and the missing piece is paired so its mirror image would be easy to cut from the usual black carpet.

The spoiler fits in place of the front bumper and is in perfect unpainted condition.

If there is any interest I would be happy to get them out and photograph them.

I'm surprised to see what Sprints are fetching now - I thought I did well buying for ?975 in 1973 and selling for 10 times that 20 years later but perhaps I should have hung on to it.
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