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2nd chapter - 5 speed gearbox kit for sale

PostPost by: worzel » Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:52 am

Some detailed info- 1st is 3.3 to 1 and 5th is 0.75 to 1. If 5th is too high (might be for a plus 2) converting back to 0.82 is easy and I'll supply an unused gearset for the buyer for free. The lever is not quite in the std position but could easily be altered to shift it forward about an inch by adding a short extension to it (the stainless steel lever comes with the kit). At present there are mods to the linkage so that to obtain reverse you have to overcome a cam rather than push the lever down first then overcome spring resistance (this is how Alan Voights lock out reverse on their boxes). 5th however also uses a cam to prevent "overshifting" from 2nd into 3rd. What this means in practice is that shifting down from 5th to 4th is not like a modern, spring loaded box. Some might not like the system- I've never found it a problem with a little practice. However, if a buyer is interested I have a ready made kit (I never got around to fitting it) that restores the spring loading on 5th (but not on reverse where the cam system remains). It's easy to fit I assure you. I never bothered with using a right angle drive for the speedo cable but simply fed the cable thru the centre spine of the chassis and circlipped it into place as per Ford- the cable is not visible within the cabin.

Price for the lot- I'm looking for ?450 firm. That price takes account of a gearbox rebuild and the requirement for a new friction plate plus a bellhousing plus a speedo cable (I need to retain mine unfortunately) plus you'd need a bellhousing- currently around ?380 new on Ebay. All in the conversion would cost around ?1100 based on about ?250 for rebuilding the box (replacing bearings as a precaution plus a new layshaft/layshaft bearings). Contact number is 0151 480 8400- John
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