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Big Valve Twin Cam engine

PostPost by: elansprintman » Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:04 pm

Big Valve Twin Cam engine, built for my own but now sold Elan Sprint, lovely unskimmed head with new QED valves, Colsibro guides and ?lead free? radiused valve seats, deck-plate-bored and plateau honed 711M block, new QED/ASSO 83,5 mm pistons giving 1700 ccm, new modular water pump front cover with 22 mm bearing, new QED steel fly-wheel, new ARP big-end and cyl.-head bolts, new oil pump, central oil pickup, baffled sump, new Vanderwell bearings. Everything dynamically balanced. Photo documentation of assembly to blueprint standards. Engine can be inspected partly disassembled if so wished. If you want an engine of this type in better than new condition for your Elan, Europa or Seven you won?t be disappointed. Price ? 5000.
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