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PostPost by: worzel » Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:08 pm

Will somebody pleasae take this off my hands! Still have a "competition" clutch cover that has covered a genuine 10-15 road miles (honestly). Bought from P Matty and fitted when I switched gearboxes to a Type 9. It's a direct replacement for the 4 speed cover. It's retailed as competition but is probably an uprated one (still a lot stiffer than the std item). too heavy for my tastes.

Would suit a hillclimb car or a masochist!. It cost me around ?80 or so a few years back. Currently residing in my attic covered in grease. I'm looking for ?20. Weight precludes delivery (probably) but if you're attending the Tatton Classic show I could bring it along.

Other bits- the dynamo off my own car (replaced by an alternator plus the voltage control box). Both working fine. Plus a pair of front Plus 2 discs. Very low use, bought from Classicar Automotive and replaced with another pair also from them. For some odd reason one of them developed a slight judder within around 50 miles of fitting (my fault probably!) but if you've access to a machine shop they'd be a cheap buy at ?15.

Other bits- I still have a Type 9 box I'm thinking of selling with the linkage shifted to the 4 speed position. I bought this a few years back reputedly as a new item thrown out by the Ford factory and resued by a Ford employee. Originally destined to be a donor box I no longer want it (I already have a Type 9 in my car plus enough box spares anyway).

If anybody is interested I'll convert it this year. Any buyer however would need to get hold of an undamaged casing as Ford thoughtfully smashed the case to prevent it being used. First gear was damaged in the process but I might have an as new replacement if I can find it. I can alter the linkage and have the tail housing altered. All the buyer would need to do is take out the internals and get them cleaned- dirt has entered via the smashed casing but if a buyer couldn't do it themselves any competent gearbox specialist could do it pretty cheaply- they might even have a spare case on hand!

Box was destined to be fitted to a 1.6/2.0 litre car (it's never been on a car I am assured) so 1st might too low for some (3.65 to 1) but if you're looking for a cheap(ish) way to go 5 speed this might be it. I'm looking for about ?300. For this you get the reworked linkage, altered tailhousing and what effectively are new internals. To complete the conversion you need a gearlever, clutch friction disc, prop, bellhousing, speedo cable and custom gearbox support bracket. All-in, if you're "handy" quite cost-effective as prices would be-

clutch disc- about ?80, prop about ?130, speedo cable- variable but not more than ?30 at worst, gearbox bracket about ?15-20. Bellhousing is the only significant cost- you can buy a new Rocket to BDA item for ?350 or try to get hold of a 2nd hand one for about ?200. Or modify a RS2000 one for hydraulic clutch or if very brave with good facilities modify the std cast iron 4 speed one by welding the 4 gearbox mounting holes, jigging it and re-drill it for the Type 9.

Anybody interested contact me on 0151 480 8400 or via the forum.


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