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PostPost by: 495efr » Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:45 pm

To all of you lot out there who seem to think 40 or 50 quid is too much to pay for an Elan S1 hubcap. Bear in mind these are genuine Lotus factory hubcaps. Not reproduction. I bought all the hubcaps (about 20) available in the UK (Lotus had stopped producing them) in the early 80's, because I had an S1 Elan with no hubcaps, (as they all were except for the odd rare bird) & they were so knickable I wanted more than 4. I bought them from genuine Lotus suppliers who had them on their back shelves, not people who stepped on the bandwagon later. SO if you've got an Elan S1 or 2 with hubcaps that you bought after 1980, I'm sorry I doubt that they are genuine Lotus factory parts. Bear in mind inflation over 30 years and I think you will realise mine are not expensive.
However, as a Lotus Elan driver of long standing, I've had 4 over 35 years, I have to say Elan people used to be a lot, lot nicer and more genuine.
Prove me wrong.
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