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Big Valve Weber head.

PostPost by: arendjankleijn » Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:00 am

For sale: Big Valve Weber cylinder head. Totally overhauled with lead free inserts, new valve guides, etc. After this never been used!!
Complete with 2 x 40 DCOE webers, throttle linkage (double system).
No camshafts, no valvecover. Everything else is there.
"N" stamped in front of no. 1 spark plug.
Height of head is 116.7 mm

Price ? 2250,-

[email protected]
Elan Big Valve cyl. head. 005.jpg and
Elan Big Valve cyl. head. 004.jpg and
Elan Big Valve cyl. head. 003.jpg and
Elan Big Valve cyl. head. 002.jpg and
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