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Hi Rob,

I am affraid I do not know the answer to your question.

To continue the story, John phoned Burton to inform them of the problem, and they asked that it be returned to them for inspection. But before he did that, I asked him to return it to me, so that I could look at it. I was satisfied that it was as built and within spec. It was then returned to Burton for their assessment.

They said that it would be looked at by some bloke who used to build diffs at Ford's. His assessment, surprise surprise, was that the pinion shim was set incorrectly. Was it to thick or to thin? John asks. The guy at Burton could not say, and washes his hands of the diff.

Now I do not know if Burton even showed the diff to anyone, but I know what course I would now take: 7 DAY NOTICE OF ACTION letter, but not everyone likes to go down that path.

For me, if I was looking to build a 3.54 diff in the future, I would not use a new Burton CW&P 'set' , but search for a good used Ford set. After all, I built at least 30 diffs using only used crown wheels and pinions and never had a problem.

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3.54 diff on ebay at the moment if someone is looking
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Thank you for your thoughts. I am inclined to agree with you on your view. I believe I will look for other options, unless I hear this situation has been solved, or the offending parts are exchanged for properly finished components.
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I think that it is fairly indicative of many reproduction parts, it must have been close to 20 years ago that a friend was rebuilding an MG Midget, I commented that at least if his pockets were deep enough he had no problems with sourcing parts, if he wanted to he could simply order everything from a catalougue including a heritage shell.

He told me that the quality of the vast majority of the reproduction parts was so poor compared to the originals (which lets face it werent all that good themselves) that it was always better to find new old stock or second hand parts if you wanted to keep, run and rely on the car, as a consequence they often sold at a premium.

There have been 50 years of refinement in production techniques, machine Tools, materials and oils since the Ford diff was concieved for the 40hp Anglia, the capability is there to produce repro parts of a far higher quality than the original, my car will pass 300000 miles this week with a silent gearbox and differential, all the synchros still perfect.

What is missing is the will to create quality parts, the volumes are just too low, there is no Q.A. from the people ordering, all that is important is will it fit and not be returned immediately, Fords had a Q.A. department including metrology engineers and all the Equipment to test the gear form, finish and hardness down to microns, they were active in controlling the parts in the suppliers factories as they came off the machines, they had an interest in making vehicles that would not break down or become Noisy during the warranty period or after, the had a reputation to with-hold, that said all the car manufacturers were pi55 poor compared to these days.

The response from Burtons who should be the one company to try to uphold the OE standards, their reliance on an opinion of "a bloke who used to" says it all to me.
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PostPost by: Sea Ranch » Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:21 am

I have just been in touch with Ray at RD Enterprises in Pennsylvania, USA. He sells a crown wheel & pinion set, 3.54. I asked him about his product's manufacture, etc. Here is his response, in typical straight-talk Ray style:

Randy, these reproduction parts are still made on old Ford tooling and they can make some noise. Use of a good 75/140 or 80/140 lube can help keep noise down. I don?t think that the reliability of these gears is at issue. I believe that the repro cwp?s are all made at the same source and are sold by various firms like mine.

Don't know if that info helps . . .

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