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PostPost by: garyeanderson » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:29 am

lotusanglia1965 wrote:I have seen an external oil pickup pipe,fitted to a wet sump.it was plumbed through the side of the sump,with a flex pipe connecting it to a new port on the oil pump.....

Hi lotusanglia1965

When I bought the KAM block I was thinking of the same thing, sort of a wet "dry" sump but then you are left with a minor problem off positioning the a pickup in the sump. I guess not a big deal if you were putting in a couple of trap doors to corral the oil any way.
If my engine man Bill can put a suction pickup pipe in the KAM block I think that would make it an easier problem to solve.
As far as putting a new port on a pump it would be a simple mater of leaving out the suction stage parts of a two stage pump.

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PostPost by: petrolblood » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:15 pm

Why don't you want to put a dry sump system in? Are there some problems or is it just expensive?

I have now bought the 2-litre Alloy block from Wilcox.

@ Elanintheforest:
Who will make an exhaust manifold for the BDG/Elan? "2Sheds" let his made at Maniflow Ltd Salisbury. Is there an alternative?

As you read I am not going the 2-litre Twincam way - I had the oportunity to buy a sensible priced BDG head. All the work for the Lotus head would had have cost the same.

The engine should be streetable, therefore I see only the BL14 cam profile will suit that needs. Is there something better?
Elan +2 S130 lhd disassembled and in wait for a BDG Block
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