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fitting spydercar electric headlamp lift conversion

PostPost by: billwill » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:30 pm

I don't know of any realistic method of draining the cross-member of a standard lotus two-seater chassis. The vacuum port is a tube attached about half way up at the front, so even if you opened it, any stuff in the lower half would not come out.

Drilling a hole from underneath is also dangerous as the tip of the drill might get hot enough to ignite fuel vapour as it breaks through into the chamber.

Of course if your non-return valves are working properly there should be very very little fuel vapour in the cross member as the engine inlet will have sucked it out and the non-return valve will have stopped vapour fuel from travelling from carbs down to the reservoir cross-member.

With the non-return valves working, the only air in the cross-member should have ultimately come from the vent in the headlight vacuum slider 'switch', when you 'released' the vacuum.
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