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Re: DIY power windows: Re-engineering the Chapman system

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:26 am
by yellowelan
The main pulley and rollers from the usual suppliers was out of stock and it was uncertain when they will become available. I would also advise you to obtain some new window grub screws. The tabs where the little rollers fix onto my window frame was heavily corroded on mine. I would of needed to have the window frame brazed.

The cost would be the same as purchasing an electric window kit thats enough to do both sides. I elected to add in a control box for single touch operation and automatic stop when it reached the end of its travel which cost a bit more. Not essential but worthwhile addition!!

You can install the kit without new glass. However because this was part experiment I would not have easily gotten a replacement in Australia so I used the new glass.

I'm happy with with the result and so far it seems to hold up quite well.