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Spyder supplied Zetec Loom Question

PostPost by: stugilmour » Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:28 pm

Hi Zetec owners.

I rewired my Plus 2 using a Spyder supplied Premier Wiring Service (PWS) Uniloom about four years ago. Very happy with the result, although the loom required extensive modification to fit in my LHD car and accommodate a bunch of modifications using aftermarket fuse blocks, relays, electric pod motors, etc. For example, the loom as supplied did not include the electric window lift circuits. It did include lots of ground runs though. It appeared to be a generic fibreglass kit car loom that followed the BS-AU7 wire colour convention very well. One of the more difficult circuits to work up was the turn signals / emergency flashers with one modern flasher unit using stock Plus 2 dash switches.

A chap local to me is planning to rewire his Plus 2. The (non running) car is presently equipped with a fuel injected Toyota four cylinder and Toyota five speed box. :) At my recommendation he contacted Spyder, and they suggested a loom they presently use for their Zetec cars as a starting point, primarily (I think) as it will include wires for the engine management.

Can some of you folks that have gone through the Zetec conversion with Andy and Sean comment on the wiring loom they will supply? I see PWS still has a sort of inactive web site, I can't find them on eBay UK any more, and they mention a move to Spain since I used their product.


Does Spyder still use a version of their loom? Was the recent Spyder supplied loom pretty easy to modify? Does it still use modern thin wall wire in the standard BS-AU7 colours and modern plastic connectors?

Any help appreciated. Trying to get ready for helping with the rewire, and wondering what we will get from Spyder as a starting point. I am hoping for something similar to what they supplied to me a while ago, as that would be very easy for me to figure out a second time! :) I did end up buying quite a lot of additional wire and electrical bits to get it all to work though.


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