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Converting a DHC into a FHC

PostPost by: stevebroad » Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:52 pm

Elanintheforest wrote:The old girl should get along a bit, Steve!

The McLaren F1 6.0 V12 sits at around 550 bhp/tonne
The Bugatti Vayron 8.0 W16 is 644 bhp/tonne
By my reckoning, if your car is similar weight to a standard car (680kgs) then you should have something like 764 bhp/tonne.

Probably enough :shock:

I think that you may need the roof panel bonded onto the roll bar !!


I am working to get the car below 650kg. Not easy as engine (plus ancillaries) and diff are bloody heavy!

We reckon that, with the tricks we are planning to employ, we should be able to use this amount of power off the line on a prepared track. We have the option of using Q16 fuel which would add around 80bhp.

If we then run out of puff near the end of the quarter mile I have a nitrous kit ready to fit :-)
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