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PostPost by: Bob » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:06 pm

Hi All,
Its awhile since I posted on here little report on what I have been up to since I Collected my Zetec from Spyder last October. Brief Spec:-
2Ltr Zetec Black Top Engine (new) Fuel injection and an Emerald ECU.
5 Speed 2.3 Ltr Scorpio GearBox
This is an MT75 that has the starter on the correct side and a hydraulic clutch instead of the cable option on other MT75.
The car was nicely leather trimed I had heated seat elements put in to keep my good lady happy.
I was not happy with the fuel consumption in the first few hundred miles Andy had a look at its 500 mile service on his advise I took the car to Emerald, who sorted it out in a very professional manner.
164 BHP at 6378 rpm
151 lbft at 4951 rpm.
It all pushes the +2 along nicely.
I then took off on a trip to France not a blink for 1900 miles at 35 MPG other than one small electrical fault which I will refer to later 7 o'clcock in the pitch dark all the light went out twice. (where was the nearest Lotus dealer in the middle of France?) They came back on again almost instantly so I resolved to drive only in day light for the rest of the trip. The Elan was wonderful even in the "snow" it was warm and comfortable the heated seats were a God sent and England beat France only just!

I had previously spoken to Sean at Spyder about the wipers and washers and lamented that it would be good if they were easier for everyday use. The switch on the dash especially at night was not the best arrangement. Although comfortable the original Elan early seats have no rack adjustment and they make at least me feel vunerable with no neck support. (Old rugby wounds from the front row)

I searched the archive here for seat options seem to be either MX5 or XJS each with a problem. The MX5 tend to site you up to high and the XJS seats have to have the rack set before they are fitted since there is no room for the rack adjusting handle. I found a pair of electric XJS seats on ebay a further discussion with Andy I decided on this option. It also fitted with the option of fitting new controls for the wipers and washers onto the steering column. Further discussion with Andy we decided to use +2 Elan window lift switches for the seats. Andy designed a new dash and this was sent off to Classical Dash who made a wonderful job of it.

The seats were purchased from ebay at ?150.00 from "Grublogger" he strips XJS's a really nice helpful guy. The seats were sent to Spyder who had them re trimmed to match. I have attached photos I am sure you will agree with me they really look the part.

The new column switches are in place although the column cover is still to be fitted that is being made as we speak.

When the car was first being put together at Spyder I wanted Sat Nav but without wire hanging all over the place. There is no room at the back of a +2 dash to fit a full sized radio as we all know so a Becker was out of the question. I ended up with a Garmin on the screen but as you will see very nicely done no loose wires. It even has Bluetooth it talks to my iphone hands free. Just how good is an Elan. What I would like is a Sat Nav that has an audio out port so the voice and the iphone can be put through the car speakers. Anybody any ideas?

To return to the light fault in France Andy found a nice chaffed wire on the old Elan dip switch lucky me.

I am sure all this will not suit the purists, but its really nice to have a Lotus as practical as a +2 that I can use every day. It really has a modern feel about it.

My next venture is electric mirrors I cannot reach the passengers mirror to adjust it.

Any ideas much appreciated.

I would also like to express my apprciation for the efforts of both Andy and Sean at Spyder. and praise there product it really is a well enginered alternative to the original and makes a very practical alternative. Many thanks Spyder. They have a new web site for those who are interested.
Seats.jpg and
They are comfortable
dash.jpg and
Note the 4 new switches back forward and rack.
Clm2.jpg and
The wipers have a single wipe option aswell.
Clm1.jpg and
Note indicators on the left hand side as modern motors.
satnav.jpg and
No cables hanging down.
SatNavcabjpg.jpg and
Cable set in dash top, goes to cigar lighter in glove box.
S4, S2 and a +2 Zetec on the way
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PostPost by: PeterK » Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:30 am

Nice interior.

The SatNag with audio out should be fairly easy - those suitable for motorbike use normally have headpiece outputs.

I use a Garmin Zumo 660 (and a Zumo 550 before that) on the motorbike and in the car (comes with mounts for both and recognises which it's on). They have audio out, which can be configured to be via bluetooth or cable if you have an audio system, and a separate headphone socket if you don't.

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