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Within a few weeks I hope to fit a MCT75 box to an elan sitting on an early Spyder chassis (stressed skin type). Since these are dimensionally the same around the central backbone/box section could I again pick others' brains (those who've fitted the std MT75 into a std lotus frame.

Should be the last three pieces of info I'll need.

First, how does the output flange of the MT75 end up in relation to the stiffeners around the beginning of the box section- I reckon from careful measurements that the flange should just clear this but put me wise if I'm wrong so I know what to expect.

Second- what are you using for a right angle speedo drive?. I know Burton sell what looks like right angle drive with what appears to be a longer square drive than the "normal" 4 speed elan one. Burton advertise this for the Type 9 but both the MCT/MT75 boxes have the same diameter recessed hole for the speedo drive and circlip groove as that on a Type 9 so I'm guessing this Burton device would fit the MCT/Mt75 boxes with the adaptor sold by Spyder. Can you put me wise on this one.

Finally (I hope), the exhaust run. I know a Type 9 permits the use of the std elan exhaust but since the MCT/MT75 units are a bit deeper than a Type 9 I suspect the exhaust requires a degree of modification to clear the bottom of the box. How have other converted owners dealt with this.

I know I could just ring Spyder but from experience (and this is definitely not a criticism) they always seem in a "hurry" whenever I've rang. I don't want to pinch their ideas anyway after they've spent time developing them.


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