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chassis musings

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:50 am
by gav
Hi all
I am (very slowly) building up a race set up that uses a Spyder space frame chassis and has bolted to it a full roll cage. I have posted photos of this in the past. It has an ally floor and uses the upper part of the body in 3 sections.

Because of the spine chassis, the roll cage has to wrap all the way round the shell which has added some weight. I am going to continue as I am for the present but was musing over lightness and wondered if the next chassis chould be something like a caterham chassis on the basis that it will be lighter and will require less cage which is the heavy bit.

No idea yet how length and track compare at the moment but these can be adjusted with relative ease.

Does anyone know the relative weights of either chassis and have any thoughts on such an approach (open rules so no issues there) other than the obvious dont do it (which wont be that helpful)