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1967 S3 in Texas SOLD

PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2021 5:55 pm
by RogerFrench
CAR is now sold, sorry.
It's a pity but our 1967 Elan S3 has to go. My wife reminds me my 80th birthday is upcoming, and if that weren't enough my back joins in to suggest I'm really too old to be lying under old motorcars. What's more, since tinkering with old cars is the real reason I have them, if I can't do that any more, they have to go to someone who can. My Europa TC has already gone to someone who cares about such things, it's time for the Elan to go too.

It's a UK-origin, RHD S3, that I bought in January 2011 via a well-known Lotuseer who frequents this forum. It was originally delivered in October 1967, spent the next 19 years in England, being exported to USA in November 1986, where I believe it has had one owner prior to me.
At some time I think it was worked on by Vegantune. Some visible parts of the chassis have been painted in a light metallic blue, which I'm told they used, it has VJ5 camshafts and a much-modified cylinder head. It's an older block, but with a 6-bolt crankshaft, oil seal, sump etc. It also has Dellorto carbs and what I take to be an S4 cambox cover, the kind with the mount for Stromberg throttle cable. I've had the block rebored, JE forged pistons fitted, the crankshaft reground and new bearings installed. It has a tubular exhaust manifold (header) and a stainless back box.
I mention these things so you'll know it's not a standard S3, nor is it by any means in concours shape, although it does look quite nice. It shows signs of repair around the driver's (RH) side at the front, I think new parts have been grafted on at some time. I suspect a rebuild, given that the gauges were from an MGB, the wiper motor from an Austin Cambridge, and other bits from who-knows-where. I have replaced the dodgy bits by the way, with appropriate parts where necessary.

The modification list, starting from the front and as far as I can remember includes the following:

Headlamps are raised and lowered by Mazda Miata motors.

The air intake has a large K&N filter in the nose and the standard trunking / airbox, replacing the individual filters on the carbs with which it came.

There's a cooling fan on the front of the radiator, controlled by an adjustable thermostat with a temperature sensor in the top radiator hose. It has worked fine in hot Texas summers!

The bonnet (hood) is stiffened at the front and an extended ring-bolt fitted for the spring. I think it works better.

The windscreen washer is electric, of the kind fitted to various British cars. I despaired of finding a real Elan S3 wiper motor, so bought a kit from a UK company that makes bits for special builders, and installed it together with an appropriate washer / wiper switch.

The dynamo (generator) has been replaced by a Lucas alternator.

The distributor is by Pertronix with Ignitor 1 and Lucas Sports coil.

The Tachometer has modified electronics to suit the distributor.

The umbrella handbrake has been replaced by a conventional handle alongside the driver's seat with revised mechanism. It is within easy reach and it works!

Retractable seatbelts are fitted on both sides.

The fuel tank has been replaced by an alloy version, and an electric fuel pump with inertia cutout / reset fitted.

In addition, all wiring has been replaced or overhauled, and the interior of the cockpit and boot (trunk) nicely trimmed.

The hood (convertible top) has replacement transparent panels and fits well.

What else? The colour is a Chevrolet yellow as used on Corvette models.

It has a leather-covered Colin Chapman steering wheel.

Offers around $25,000 please.

Re: 1967 S3 in Texas

PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 10:40 pm
by Chuck Nukem
Hello Roger,

I am interested in your car. I am located near Dallas. I am a Europa owner and as such have never posted on this forum before! But perhaps that will all change soon. I sent you a PM

Re: 1967 S3 in Texas

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2021 3:25 am
by Elan45
If I were to use wife's logic, I'd better rush my restorations through. At 75, looks like I've 5 years.

But then think about what your passions will be wanting to keep busy. I don't get up and down as easily as I once did, and I curse my lose of ability to move around underneath, but I still have passion to play. And of course having to wear glasses under the dash is another pain. But, I'm not ready to check out quite yet.

Roger Roger