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Seeking 26r chassis/engine to put a custom aluminum body on

PostPost by: corey.c » Wed Apr 28, 2021 7:12 pm

I am seeking a 26r spec chassis/engine setup, even if the body is completely trashed. I will be placing a new aluminum body on the 26r spec. It's a project - yes, I know, this is what we do.
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PostPost by: fotsyr » Wed Apr 28, 2021 11:42 pm

I have a bare chassis, if that helps.
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PostPost by: rgh0 » Fri Apr 30, 2021 11:41 am

A new chassis and new engine either rebuilding existing used ones or absolute new ones (e.g. chassis from TTR and developed engine by building your own or getting from someone like Tony Ingram or Omnitech) would be the cheapest part of the planned build and a better starting point than trying to find a complete 26R replica car with bad body as that will probably also have a bad engine and bad chassis.

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PostPost by: sabbot » Fri Apr 30, 2021 10:17 pm

I would echo Rohan, if you or someone you know can build a custom aluminum body then you / they will be able to weld the “26R” strengthening brackets into a standard chassis and those can be purchased pre-cut or the designs have been posted on this site previously and are easy to fit.
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PostPost by: vstibbard » Mon May 03, 2021 6:38 am

The chassis and running gear engine etc will be close to what you pay for with a complete GTS spec car, I'd buy the parts and build it up.....


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