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1972 Elan Sprint FHC 5-speed for sale (UK)

PostPost by: mmatthej1 » Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:56 pm

I am barely using my car, other than regular weekly/bi-weekly outings, intended to keep it 'alive' - my days of touring etc seem to be past, so I think it's time to move it on, if anyone is interested.

I am the third owner, having acquired it in 2016, from previous owner who had it for 37 years! He spent a lot of time and effort in making it a 'usable' car and I have to say that it has been the most trouble-free of my Elans, four in all, prior to this one. It's so nice to just get in, start it up and go!

Anyway, spec. can be summarised thus:

Manufactured August 1971, road registered March 1972. Just two previous owners, last of whom owned from 1978 to 2016! In regular use on the road except for replacement of chassis in 1983. Mileage is around 120,000.
Tax & MOT exempt, though I prefer to maintain current MOT, just renewed to expire October 2021.
No accidents ever, original body and original engine (rebuilt at 100,000 by QED).


Never been accident damaged. All panels reworked by previous owner, for flush fit and close gaps.
Original colour was Colorado Orange/White, previous owner stripped back to gelcoat and re-painted overall Red., as photos, with Gold bumpers & wheels. Condition is not concours but to to excellent, presentable standard.
No body modifications except for deletion “Drip Strips” moulded into door apertures, to prevent water leaks (there is never any water ingress to interior).
Underbonnet area is excellent.

Spyder Stressed Skin unit, fitted in1983. Extensively rustproofed before fitment including hollow members- the apertures were welded over with plates into which had been fitted captive nuts. The hollows were then sprayed with Waxoyl and the hollows closed off with bolts. The chassis is still in the same condition as when fitted i.e. pretty much 'as new'.

Original engine, with full rebuild by known specialist (QED) to std Sprint spec (1990) and since covered around 22,000 miles. All compressions are around 225psi The head has never been skimmed.

Re-fitted out in 1990 and still looks the same. Genuinely mint/as near perfect as it’s possible to achieve.
New headlining, seats professionally retrimmed about 8 years ago with red piping.
Crashpad, underdash trims, centre console all custom made (in grp) to professional standard and trimmed in matching black ambla . Absolutely millimetre perfect fit of all trim panels with the added bonus of no unpleasant trim creaks etc when on the move! Dashboard panel was made & fitted in 2018 - all of the trim has been fitted in the car since 1990 (except seats/dash, of course) and is still pristine. A very nice cabin to be in. The boot area is to the same standard.

Fitted with a modified Type 9 five-speed gearbox unit in 1999. (5th gives 24.8mph/1000 revs using 3.5 differential driving Rotaflex couplings. ) Gearlever is pretty much where the 4 speed unit locates. Attached to engine via an alloy “Rocket to BDA” bellhousing thereby eliminating the need for sandwich plates etc. No mods required to drivetrain with this conversion so original flywheel/ring gear/spigot bush/starter/clutch hydraulics retained for simplicity. Wheels retained via octagonal nuts.

All four corners rebushed with std bushes. All four springs renewed and Konis fitted front and rear. New lotocones fitted. Rebushed trunions. No suspension mods.

Servo deleted and front fitted with Plus 2 calipers. Std size master cylinder (0.7inch) retained. All caliper seals replaced plus new hoses/discs and pads. A useful upgrade that improves “feel”. Rear calipers fitted with stainless pistons. System uses silicon fluid (as does clutch).

Rack overhauled, re-shimmed, re-bushed and track rod ends renewed.
Custom bracketry installed for better outer column location- the column on this car does not shake, rattle and roll like quite a few.

Fitted with larger plus 2 full width re-cored radiator plus a modern,more powerful electric fan. Water pump replaced at time of engine build- no bearing play.

Facia panel now on multiplugs (can be removed within one hour or so without the need to first remove switches and instruments).
Headlights lifts are now controlled by Toyota electric motors. All relays are now within the passenger compartment (apart from the one controlling the horn).
8 way modern blade fusebox fitted plus other fuses added to most other components.
Converted to alternator and partially rewired- never presents any electrical problems since this was done.
Ignition is by Lumenition
Heater motor overhauled in 2012 and wiper motor overhauled in 2010. Starter overhauled.
Fitted with an immobiliser

Custom stainless fuel tank. Stainless braided fuel hoses.
Fitted with brand new 40 Dellortos about 12years ago

Stainless apart from Y pipe and manifold which was replaced a few years ago.

Fitted with genuine 13 inch by 5inch wide Minilites. Tyres are Pirelli 3000 155/80/13 section.

Standard with Koni dampers all round. Each damper still on “base” settings ie as supplied. They are adjustable for wear to a maximum of three times so plenty of life left in them. Renewed both front springs (standard rate) as the driver side had settled. Still sits low at the front in my opinion so any owner might be advised to fit the slightly longer (3/4 inch) items.

Most non stressed bolts/fastenings are now stainless. Various anti-theft devices/immobilisers etc fitted. Rear wheel bearing have been modified so they may be greased, a mains powered engine block pre-heater is fitted. An oil cooler was fitted, around 1992.

An extensive folder of expendures, MoT history etc.

----------------- 00-------------------

Summary of the good points-
The car runs faultlessly without temperament, idles rock steady- even from cold. On the road it feels “of one piece”- a quality I prefer over ultimate performance. This is a genuine turnkey, fuss free car that copes with anything, entirely usable in today's traffic conditions.
There is an extensive history file, including all test certificates since 1978.
The previous long term owner was notably fastidious and always 'on top' of the car in terms of maintenance, improvements etc – I have endeavoured to uphold his standards!
Very few owners - this must be a pretty rare feature in itself.
Basic factory spec is pretty much unchanged in that the engine spec, suspension and steering are maintained (the factory knows best!).
No accident damage ever and original body and engine.
Perfect panel fit
All the “heavy”/expensive/awkward etc jobs are done
Some useful upgrades to enable it to cope with modern traffic such as better cooling, better gearing, improved electrics, electronic ignition etc
Never had any shortcuts taken by the owners
Spare body paint (about 2 litres) plus minor odds and ends.

Less-good points-
Nothing significant- window frames could be re-chromed to refresh them and passenger one has very minor repair required adjacent to door lock mounting.
Gearbox sometimes “clicks” in 3rd under power (not on the overrun though) – this is caused by the interlock D-washer vibrating in the 3rd/4th plane and doesn't effect operation in any way. Other than that the box is faultless with an excellent change quality.
Passenger door aperture- slight mark on upper face of sill. Only area of crazing is by driver side rear air vent outlet- two half inch crazing lines that are hard to spot even close up and minor crazing to driver side striker plate mounting face.
Octagonal wheel nuts would benefit from re-chroming.
Not 100% standard but this might be considered an asset by some, as all are reversible
Could benefit from very slight attention to certain cosmetics but nothing dramatic as perfectly acceptable as is.
----------------- 00-------------------

I’m not selling the car because I need to, I’m selling simply because it no longer fits in with the way I use a car nowadays- as the MOT history attests, I am not driving many miles each year and, though I generally use it every 7 -10 days, (though never on wet roads) in order to keep it nicely 'alive', the Elan doesn’t really get used enough which is a pity.

Price : Well, the car has an agreed insurance value of £35K and my selling price is £33,000.
Image7.jpg and
Image5.jpg and
Shiney 1.jpg and
Shiney 2.jpg and
Shiney 3.jpg and
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PostPost by: elans3 » Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:51 am

Very nice car, love the red & gold.
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PostPost by: Sploder90 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 11:43 am

Lovely looking car
good luck with the sale but I don't think you will need it.
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PostPost by: mmatthej1 » Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:08 pm

Hum - no interest thus far! I guess that selling conditions may not be the best, right now............

Maybe I need to spread my advertising more widely - any recommendations?
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