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Elan Plus 2 for sale

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:47 pm
by weddingcarclive
Lotus Elan +2S 1970, L12 (Lagoon Blue) with original black factory interior and signature Silver Metal-Flake roof. 44000 miles, Big Valve engine with 4 speed manual gearbox.

Original UK car in fantastic condition.

The interior, including headlining, is all original and apart the odd small quirks and slightly faded seat belts, in excellent condition indicating the cars little and careful use.

Many of Elan's I see of this age have had their worn interiors replaced, which don?t quite look right. In my opinion original good quality is always best.

The Walnut Dashboard is in truly fantastic order with no cracks discolouration or lifting of lacquer etc. Once inside you can?t help but appreciate the original factory switch lettering together with the original 8 flat-bezel instruments. It is beautiful !!

It also has the correct original period Philips Turnolock FM radio, an item normally lost in time with these cars.

There is no service book that comes with the car when new as it wasn?t passed to me by Celtic Classic?s of Lampeter when I bought it, however the car was well known to them at the time, they having much enthusiasm of having it for sale having serviced it for its previous owner for such a long time and has been regularly maintained by myself since.

The mileage can be verified by previous MOT?s that I have kept and also by the DVLA website so I?ve been told. I?ve lots of receipts that I?ve accumulated over the years, a history file detailing all the previous owners and it comes with a certificate of provenance from Lotus Factory Historian Dept. detailing its originality.

It?s been in my ownership for the last 15+ years, with my son and I having used it regularly in the early years before he moved away and since it?s been used only on occasion for shows etc. The body was professionally restored around 3 years ago costing a small fortune, with all new chrome work so it looks as beautiful as the day I bought it.

The chassis is solid and the underside of the car is nice. It sits on 4 matching period 165 13 Michelin (original spec. in the 60?s/70's), has a stainless steel exhaust, twin Webber carburettors and has had a rear drive-shaft conversion, removing the problematic perishing rubber doughnuts that constantly plague these cars. The cost was around ?500 from memory and a definite plus point, providing stress free year on year motoring.

Overall this car has had a great deal of money invested in it during long period of ownership, confirmed with dates in V5. It looks fabulous and has been truly treasured having never expecting to be selling it.
You will be pleased !!!!
If you?re interested, I?m located in Manchester. UK


Please call 07973 234153 for more details

Re: Elan Plus 2 for sale

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:30 am
by 512BB
From your description Clive, the car sounds great, and reasonably priced, but people can only imagine what it looks like. Why not post up a load of pictures, I am sure it will fly away then. Perhaps it has already.


Re: Elan Plus 2 for sale

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:36 pm
by weddingcarclive
lotus-4.jpg and
A few pics as requested