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1968 Lotus Elan +2 for sale

PostPost by: alanpearl » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:02 pm


I'm thinking of selling my Plus 2 if there is any interest - not sure this is the best time of year to be selling, so happy to keep it if not.

It's a 1968 Lotus Elan +2, built November 1968 and first registered 1.1.69. Chassis 50/1151, engine number is as expected (I have a Lotus provenance certificate). It's an early model, but with the (rare) Super S/E engine, which it's claimed has most of the power of a big valve engine, but without the big valves. So my theory is that this is the best one, having the early simplicity but with a bit more go.

I bought it just over 18 months ago, and I've had a lot of work done (?9k++) to get it to a good reliable mechanical standard. Since purchase I've had the following (all at my local garage and using parts from the usual specialists):
- new sill members (Spyder) and closing plates front and rear
- new solid rear driveshafts (Kelvedon)
- new brake calipers, pads, discs and pipes all round
- new handbrake pads
- replacement hubs all round
- replacement steel wheels all round (blasted and powder coated, with new stainless steel trims) including spare
- new Michelin tyres all round (including spare)
- new alternator
- new steering UJ
- lots of rewiring
- new rear cross member (Spyder) and 4 point harnesses in the back
- new front seatbelts and mounts
- various cracks in the glassfibre repaired
- full service
- new Cliveyboy twin fan setup and auto thermostat fitted (very good indeed)
- new air filter and trunking
- new Odyssey racing battery and mount
- new hi-torque starter
- new under-dash panels - trimmed in black vinyl but not yet fitted
- new interior light lenses
- new carpet overmats front and rear (Sue Miller)
- and lots of other bits and bobs (wipers, flashers, track rod ends etc etc)

It very recently passed its MOT in December, and I did a round trip of nearly 200 miles in a day over Christmas in it without missing a beat.

I have many receipts (filling a lever arch file) dating back to 1980. It started out black and silver (according to the DVLA) but is now white with a green roof and back panel - the previous owner was a Lotus Cortina fan. I really like the colour scheme. As ever, it has some micro-blisters on the paint close up, but still looks pretty good. Interior is nice, the dash is a bit tired, there's a small tear in the rear headlining and a couple of cracks on the console, but it's a nice place to be. I have some new front springs and dampers, but not yet fitted as the garage thought the current ones were fine

I think it's a lot better than your typical ?15k Plus 2, but not to the cosmetic standard of the ?25k dealer cars, so I'd be looking for around ?18-19k. Does that sound reasonable?

Please PM me for further details.
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PostPost by: SENC » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:13 pm

Good looking car!
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PostPost by: LotusArchives » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:37 pm

Good luck with the sale Alan,

I think the last picture is the best :-)
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PostPost by: Curt » Sun Jun 23, 2019 2:41 pm

WLH used to be mine ! 35 years ago and it still has the steering wheel I bought ! I am so happy to see that someone has been looking after her ... I have uploaded a picture and I hope this gets to you ...
(hated the tyres !)
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