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PostPost by: worzel » Wed May 04, 2016 1:12 pm

Hi to fellow owners (and would be ones too!)

I'm still looking for the next owner of this car so, to be brief, here are the main points that might interest a buyer. I won't repeat too much of my previous ad- the expanded details can be found in the for sale ads in the earlier for sale ads.

I should, I suppose, add a comment about the number of ads I've posted in various media- there is a danger that some might start thinking there must be a reason why it's not yet sold- is the seller not telling all/hiding something and after a while it becomes a sort of chicken and egg situation.

Difficult to reassure on this point- all I can repeat is that what the car appears to be on visual inspection accurately represents what's "tucked away out of sight" so to speak.

Anyway, enough waffling- the main points,

38 years ownership.
Pretty much in regular use so never stored.
Original shell with no prior accident damage.
Perfect panel fit with a still excellent paint finish.
Original engine built to std sprint spec by QED 15k miles ago.
6 months MoT
Every job done that might well irritate the next owner.
Very usable ie not a trailer queen.
No "shaking down" required- it's ready to use after blowing off the dust (I've not used it for a few weeks due to other commitments)
No significant faults- I've covered these in the previous ad on the forum. Those present are nothing to write home about.

The points that seem to be uppermost on potential buyers' minds seem to be the alterations I've made (I prefer to call them upgrades but I won't argue the point as what suits one owner might not suit another). The interior is possibly the biggest departure from original. I'll repeat my previous comments about the trim- this is definitely not a backyard special- every trim item is expertly finished and the fit is to mm standard. The interior looks exactly the same as it did 20 odd years ago when I fitted it which is testament to the quality/durability of the interior. There are no scuffs/wear marks/loose items anywhere- and the cabin is waterproof.

As for the mechanical changes- the engine as I've said is to std sprint spec, the axle I upped to a 3.5 unit and the gearbox is a modified Type 9 which has actually covered only a couple of thousand miles throughout its entire life. The brakes are better for not being servo assisted and the front/rear balance is undoubtedly better than before. The suspension and steering I've left alone other than a re-bush and a rack overhaul.

The tricky part- the price. I've dropped the price to what I think is a figure that seems to represent what others view as a realistic value. I won't fall into the trap of using hackneyed phrases such as ..............- well you know what I mean. I'll just say that at ?22k it won't disappoint.

No problem with a test drive but you'll need insurance cover before I hand over the keys. As for inspections by third parties I'd strongly suggest you have one carried out for your peace of mind.

Payment- should this stage arrive- by electronic xfer only. Sorry, no cheques or cash or Paypal.



Contact either direct on [email protected]" target="_blank or via this forum or ring me on 0151 480 8400
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