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Post xmas (when interest might re-awaken in cars)I thought it might be worth testing the market again.

I had quite a few responses to my last ad but to give prospective buyers more detail this time so as not to cause people to enquire about an "unknown" I'm adding more info this time.

The car is fixed head sprint I bought in May 1978. Original colour was Colorado Orange/White which I changed to carnival red back in 1990. The paint is still in excellent condition and before I did the repaint I re-aligned every panel so the fit is millimetre perfect.

The engine (original) was rebuilt 15k miles ago in 1990 by QED to std sprint spec at a cost of ?2100. Incidentally the head (again original) has never been skimmed) which must be fairly unusual.

The body (original) has never been accident damaged.

I've made the following modifications-

Transmission is T9 5 speed. The linkage puts the lever about one inch back from the 4 speed but can be relocated to the 4 speed position if desired WITHOUT removing the box. Gearing is 24.9 mph/1000revs in 5th. there are no mods to the frame with this conversion.

I rewired the car a few years ago and as a "job lot" fitted an alternator, an 8 way blade fuse box, Toyota motors for headlight lifts, fitted relays for window control and moved all relays (bar the one for the horn) inside the car out of sight (and the weather). I also fitted the dash panel using multiplugs so removal (with all switches and instruments still left in place) takes about 1 hour.

The radiator is the bigger plus 2 version with a modern manually controlled electric fan.

The chassis I replaced in 1983 with a Spyder Stressed Skin. it's extensively rustproofed and in the same condition as when fitted.

I'd point out that this car has never been stored (apart from about 4 months when I changed the frame) so does not need " just a few little jobs shaking down". Everything works- as you'd expect, there are no overheating issues or little trifles like a soggy interior- this car does not leak.

There are a few minor faults but nothing to get fussed over-

The door frames require a re-chrome if you're fussy and the passenger one needs a small "tear" in the metal adjacent to the lock mechanism repairing.
There are two very small areas of paint that require blowing in but you need to get very close to spot them
The front probably requires new springs as I think it sits too low- I fitted the std front springs last September but should have fitted the slightly longer ones.
The gearbox "clicks" under power in 3rd - the noise is really only apparent with the windows closed. It's caused by the interlock "D" washer vibrating in the 3rd/4th plane and doesn't affect operation in any way as I've proved to myself by winding up thru the revs.

If it's so good why am I selling- a couple of reasons but the principle one is my regard for cars in general is not what it used to be or maybe familiarity is kicking in. The car really needs somebody with fresh enthusiasm who'll use it more than I probably will.

I'd also point out this is not a forced sale- I don't intend to replace it with something else and as it doesn't really need anything done to it I don't envisage my pockets being emptied if it remains in my possession but it would be pretty handy to move it on if I'm honest.

Any inspection you care to carry out is not a problem- in fact I'd prefer it. If you want a test drive you'll have to provide proof of insurance cover I'm sorry but I'm quite happy to give an extended demo provided road conditions aren't icy etc.

I'm asking ?27000. I know others out there might be cheaper but experience has taught me that it's far better to buy the best condition as the ones requiring "a little attention" often turn out to be quite expensive (ask how I know that).

Contact either thru the forum or direct on 0151 480 8400 or on [email protected]" target="_blank" target="_blank



The differential was originally 3.77 but about 30 years ago I switched to a 3.5 version.

Suspension/steering is std with konis all round.

Front brakes are plus 2 with the servo deleted.

Wheel rims are 5 inch Minilites fitted with 155/80/13 Pirelli 3000 all tound

Fuel tank is custom stainless.

Exhaust is stainless apart from "Y" pipe and manifold.

Car still uses rotoflex in the driveline

The interior is not standard (I should emphasise this as it seems to be a sticking point for some).
The facia uses half inch birch ply trimmed in black ambla.
The crashpad is grp and again trimmed in black ambla
The centre console is grp and trimmed in black ambla
The seats are to the original pattern of trim ie basketweave in the usual places but the piping is red
Carpets are black.

I should point out that despite what some might think the interior std of trim is to professional standard- this is not a "home brewed backstreet special" with an amateurish look to the finish. At the risk of offending other owners the std of finish is better than than the factory original. After 26 years in the car there has been no deterioration in the appearance and the fit of each panel is mm perfect with no creaks/rattles etc when on the move
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PostPost by: mariodschy » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:43 am

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-Lotus-El ... 7675.l2557

Does the prices fall???
The car doesn't fetch 20K, good for the seller that he has set a reserve.

This littel price is not clear for me, except the non original interior the car seems ok and should reach something near 30k...
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PostPost by: worzel » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:39 am


I'm the owner of this one. This car is definitely more than ok- but I know what you mean by the term so no offence taken.

Not surprisingly the low end bid isn't what I expected (but I would say that wouldn't I) as this is a what you see is what you get example with no hidden "surprises". For some odd reason (to me at least) the non-standard facia seems to be the main stumbling block whereas if I were looking to buy one of these now very old cars it would be the least of my concerns. The problem is that very few have actually turned up to view (2 actually) which might have changed a few minds as a written description can only convey so much. A further problem I suppose is that I'm not into showing cars so not many fellow owners have seen it and cannot pass on their views to would-be buyers.

What I really need is to grab the interest of the more "savvy" individual who knows these inside out and who'll recognise the overall standard when he/she sees it. I'm sure somebody like that is out there. Meanwhile I'll just keep running it.

To any on the forum who expressed an interest/who bid many thanks.


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