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Hi fellow enthusiasts- happy new year

New Year- big decision on my part. After nearly 38 years ownership I've decided it's time to pass on my elan to another "custodian"- is that the right term?

I've been thinking about this on and off for some time but it's now crunch time. I've not lost my interest it's just that my attitude to cars in general has changed with the passage of time and the car needs somebody with a fresh pair of eyes so to speak.

Enough of the waffle- here's a brief overview. I can supply more info to any enquiries in the form of an article I wrote about it to save having to re-type every time somebody asks for details.

This is a local car (I'm in Liverpool) I bought in May 1978 from Cubleys of Ainsdale who were then main agents for Lotus. It had covered 55000 miles (hard ones I reckon) and I've not checked but I think I'm only the second owner. Original colour was Colorado Orange over white- I changed the colour to Carnival Red about 20 odd years ago. When I painted it I also reworked all panels for accuracy of fit so no misalignments on this car. Body is original and never been accident damaged.

Engine is original, was rebuilt by QED 15000 miles ago (mileage is now 115000). Head has never needed to be skimmed. Compressions are each about 225psi (starter/battery do struggle).
Everything has been done and no corners have been cut. Interior I modified in 1989 to suit me and is far better than factory std of the original. No leaks anywhere (block is rusting slightly on outside) and the car does not leak water into the cabin.

Has never been stored apart from a couple of months prior to the chassis change ie has seen regular use.

Chassis is Spyder Stressed Skin fitted by me in 1983 and in perfect original condition as I comprehensively rustproofed it at the time.

Mods of main interest are -

Brakes- no servo, plus 2 fronts
5 speed T9 box with lever pretty much in the 4 speed position. 5th gives 24.9 mph/1000revs
Toyota motors for headlight lifts
Oil cooler
Wider plus 2 radiator plus uprated electric fan
Alternator conversion
Engine block pre-heater powered by mains electricity
5 inch Minilites attached to std 155/80/13 Pirelli 3000 rubbers
Couple of security devices- don't ask until it's yours!

Other alterations but they're the main ones of significance. More details are in the afore-mentioned article.

I'm asking ?27500 and I'm pretty sure it's well worth it.

Despite their reputation in some circles I've never really had many problems with it- apart from from when I first bought it.

Faults- nothing to write home about really-

Frames need a rechrome if you're fussy and passenger side needs a small (10mm long) crack in the metal repaired adjacent to the striker plate
Paint is pretty near to concours (cellulose incidentally) with only minor blemishes
One wheel rim needs a bit of paint to a 1 inch blemish
Probably needs new front springs as I thinks it's a bit low
Minor bit of gel crazing on driver door aperture

Can't think of anything else right now,.

Couple of pictures attached- more available if you want.

Best to ring me on 0151 480 8400 for a chat.

Incidentally- if you can get hold of a copy of the March 1992 issue of "Your Classic" magazine it was the featured centre spread.


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