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1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:43 am
by Elanintheforest
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I am selling my 1973 130 / S 4 speed in Lotus Yellow (code L07 on the chassis plate). The car was made in December 1973, one of the last made, and is eligible for free road tax in the UK. It has the black interior.

The car is apart, with virtually all the restoration, apart from paintwork, completed. Much of the restoration was undertaken by a retired auto engineer who died before he could finish the work (about 10 years ago).

I have been collecting the best replacement parts that I could find since buying the car 5 or so years now, so that the finished restoration could be to the highest possible standard.

And that is what's different about this project. With the average project Elan dragged out of a garage, you have to throw most of the parts and interior away, and buy new, or rebuild / recondition what you have. Or try to. That process has largely been completed with this car over the past 15 years, and apart from painting the body, the car is just about ready to put back together.

It's not in hundreds of parts either, but three main sub-assemblies:

The rolling chassis, complete and restored with all the suspension, steering and brakes

The body, with most repairs completed, some to do and paintwork to complete

The engine, fully rebuilt with the head not yet put on to allow inspection.

The project is complete, although with any project like this, there will inevitably be the need for fasteners, rubber seals and the like.

But read on for further details!

Rolling chassis.
The chassis is painted in black and looks new.

The front suspension, rear suspension and steering have all been refurbished, and new bushes / bearings fitted, new shock absorbers, rubber mountings and the chassis rolls on refurbished Lotus Alloy wheels with new tyres (but 10 plus years old now)

The differential is fitted, as are the driveshafts and a new set of rotoflex couplings.

The brake lines are all in place, and the callipers, servo and master cylinder have all be restored. The callipers are fitted to the rolling chassis, along with the handbrake cable and handbrake tree.

Bodyshell and Trim.
The bodyshell is complete with its original doors (still built up) bonnet, boot and headlamp pods, so they all fit properly. Repairs have been completed to much of the shell, and most is in primer. I would rub this down (the normal course of paint prep anyway) and re-primer, although no gel coat cracks are evident on the repaired bits. There are a few on the roof and doors / bonnet, boot and pods which haven't been touched yet.

All the panel support metalwork (about 6 or 7 pieces) has been refurbished in satin black.

There is a pair of new Spyder sill members ready to install.

The front and rear bumpers are original and have been re-plated, and are as new

The front sidelights are new-old-stock.

The rear lights are very good originals.

The chrome moustache around the front air intake is excellent, as are the roof rails and sill chrome strips.

The air intake has its original grill with numberplate digits attached.

The plenim chamber air intakes and the rear roof air outlets are present and in very good condition.

A new claytastic screen surround for the front screen is present.

All glass is present.

The doors are still built up and complete with their hinges, frames, glass, window motors and regulators, interior and exterior door handles and remotes to the door catch. The chrome door frames are straight and undamaged, but will need to be re-chromed. I do have a pair of re-chromed frames if wanted.

The pedal box with master cylinders is (loosely) fitted into the shell.

The dashboard is original and in stunning condition. There are a couple of marks on it, but it really is the best original dash I've seen. All instruments, switches, cables and eyeball air vents are present and in very good condition.

Attached to the dash is the complete wiring loom.

The dash top is excellent.

The under-dash trims, map light and centre console are present and in very good condition.

The steering column is complete with brackets, indicator / horn stalk, original steering wheel and horn push, and is all in excellent condition.

The original handbrake mechanism is present and is in good condition

The door cards have been re-trimmed, and the rear cards and parcel shelf are original and very good.

The original headlining is present with the support rods. The headlining will need to be replaced.

The original sun visors and rear view mirror are present, along with new old stock interior lights with the original metal casings

The seats (original black) are present and complete with a re-trim kit for the front seats.

The wiper motor, cable and wheel boxes have all been overhauled.

The heater is complete with all cables, ducts and tubes, and is in excellent original condition.

Engine and Gearbox.
The engine has been completely rebuilt, including all ancillaries and the carburettors.

The gearbox was stripped and checked, and re-built with new seals only. Note that this car was a 4 speed from new.
A complete new exhaust system is present

The radiator, brackets, fan and its brackets have all been refurbished.
The bonnet prop, bonnet catches and cables are present and in good original condition.

The pedal box is present as are the master cylinders and servo, and all have been re-furbished.

The airbox, washer bottle, headlamp rods, vacuum pod, vacuum solenoid, relays, horns are present.

In Boot.
The spare wheel and ply boot floors are present. The petrol tank has been refurbished. the boot hinges, boot stay and petrol cap are all present and in good original condition.

Some of the bits that have been restored will need to be, at least, partially re-done. In particular, I would replace all the hydraulic rubber seals, although the main components are still in excellent restored condition. The discs have surface rust, which could be cleaned back, but they are very cheap to replace. The new tyres are now 10 years old...even though they still have stickers on them, they must be changed before the car is used on the road.

This project may be of interest if you want to build a very original specification car,for ?9500 or best offer

PM me if interested, or want to view, or want further details. I'm near Gloucester, UK.

There's little point in putting photos of the bodyshell, rolling chassis or engine up here. To really appreciate what's on offer you will need to come and have a look.

I'll also be selling a 1965 Elan S2 project in the next few much the same condition.

Re: 1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:59 am
by richardcox_lotus
You slimming down the fleet Mark ?

Re: 1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 12:44 pm
by Elanintheforest
I'm trying to!

Too many interests and not enough time in the day to complete the projects I'm working on, let alone those tucked away for a future date.

I hate selling any cars, but in the last couple of years, I've had visits by 3 blokes in cars that I sold them as projects. Seeing the cars coming back to life is very satisfying, even if somebody else it doing it, so I feel that I can sell a couple more.

One previous buyer has even bought another one!


Re: 1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:28 pm
by jonsered 11
Hi Mark,
im interested in one of your projects, can you PM me please,

Regards Jonsered

Re: 1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:45 pm
by nigel+2
hi mark ,i may be interested in the s2 project, if you could pm,me with any of the info.cheers.nigel.

Re: 1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:21 pm
by Mazzini
"One previous buyer has even bought another one!"

And still delighted with both! :D

Re: 1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:27 am
by Elanintheforest
Nigel, I've send you a PM. And Maz....have you finished restoring those two yet!!??


Re: 1973 Elan Plus 2 Project - with a difference!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:42 am
by Mazzini
I had to rebuild the S3 after the 'specialist' had worked on it and the S2 is getting there, I've been working away a fair bit, but my plan is to start on the Elite as soon as the S2 is finished.