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For Sale: Rules and Guidelines

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This section is for our Members to post ads for their items for sale or trade.

  • You must be an active participating member of the LotusElan.net community to post ads!
  • Participating contributors are those members who have been on the forum for over 3 months and/or who have more than 30 posts.
  • If you don't meet these requirements, you can still advertise by paying a $5.00USD for placing your ad. Place your ad and click the donate button at the bottom of the board. In the notes section, indicate payment for classified.

  • All negotiations must be done by Private Message or Email.
  • No links to external auction sites or external advertising sites. (e.g., eBay, Craigslist) Use this forum for this type of posting.
  • No Third Party listings. The car is to be owned by the poster. If you are posting the car for sale by someone else, Use this forum for this type of posting.
  • Businesses may not post ads unless they are Sponsors of this site. If you're buying or building something for the purpose of reselling it, you're a business. This is for selling your personal stuff.
  • We reserve the right to remove any ad for any reason.
  • You are using this system at your own risk.
  • All ads must be Lotus Elan related.
  • LotusElan.net makes no representations about the ads placed on our system or the people who placed those ads.
  • Please include location in the ad title.
Things to Remember
  • There is no guarantee that buyers or sellers are legitimate.
  • If you are concerned about the reputation or honesty of a seller, it is your responsibility to address those concerns prior to engaging in any transactions.
  • LotusElan.net strongly recommends the use of an escrow service as protection against fraudulent transactions. One reputable service we are aware of is Escrow.com. There may be others as well.
  • LotusElan.net does not get involved in disputes between buyers and sellers.
  • If you suspect fraudulent activity, it is your responsibility to contact the authorities. LotusElan.net will not do so for you.
  • LotusElan.net will not release information about advertisers, except to law enforcement authorities. Do not ask us for addresses, phone numbers, or other information about ads on our system.
  • After your item is sold, please reply to your own thread indicating that it is sold, or contact a moderator to ask them to remove it.

Ads not following the above-listed rules may be removed or relocated with no refunds given.
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