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lotus elan plus 2 christopher neil convertible. QUICK SALE

PostPost by: burchmonster » Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:06 am

Hi All ,

I have a Lotus Elan plus 2 for sale . Its been converted by Christopher Neil. Its a 1973 model in red which was originally blue.
I bought the lotus as a running restoration has it hadn,t been used for 14 years by the old boy who had it in hi garage . It has a large history file with a fortune spent on it . i went over the motor and did what need doing but with most ancillaries already being replaced my work was limited to brake master and slave cylinders and exhaust bits an bobs . now has a years mot and taxed for the same period .
having driven the lotus briefly its not for me (i wonder how often that happens!) . I am just so used to modern that it feels antiquated and since i also have a seven it doesnt really offer me anything that i dont have(sorry)
I would describe the car as an excellent rolling project. Its got all the bits renewed, looks good and runs well so its actually better than that but i feel it now needs "going over" to make it what it should be.
to cut a long story short its going . I have photos on my phone to send anyone whos interested and want it gone quickly and also to enthuasiast. THEREFORE the first person with ?5000 buys it. i believe at that price its a gift and will fetch much more than that on bay but i want it gone with no messing. The cars been sitting on my drive in Romford since its mot so you can view it there ,though its not been cleaned since . my number is 07961 425001 my names rob.

please do not bid at the price , I have old morals and if you do bid I wont sell it to you under any circumstances. its CHEAP and its not about the money for me. Go look , IF you want it pay the money and take it .SIMPLES.


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PostPost by: vernon.taylor » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:50 pm

What a bargain - I would have been there in a flash had I been in blighty!
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