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Elan Sprint Drophead for sale in UK. ++SOLD++

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:29 pm
by axis77a
Having had several people put notes thro my letter box (My house/Garage is visible from a popular road) .. and doing a criminally low mileage each year. I am considering selling my Elan sprint DHC, owned for 23 years.
So have put a couple adverts on line on Pistonheads .. and classic cars ..
as 'toe in water' (or ice as we've had in UK last 3 weeks !).
HiRez Pix can be downloaded ... (10Mb)

here is the text of the ad.

1973 Lotus Sprint Drop head, yellow over white. Very original. I have had it for 23 years. But it now seems to do ~200 miles per MOT, but is kept in dry heated garage, in tip top mechanical condition (i'm a qualified engineer, Rolls-Royce (non-Auto) trained)

LOTUS Galvanized chassis, original engine rebuilt at 60K by specialist "Twincam techniques", with VJ5 road cams (TT36 profile which gives a bit more power and torque, as lotus would have done, had it remained in production .. "as press cars" someone said .... ).

Full ownership history from new, full detailed history from approx last 30 years (fat folder). The body was respayed about 25 years ago (before I owned it). It was Blue, and at same time had some fibre glass done on passenger sill area. The Paint / body is good (see pix) and everyday usable. There are some UNSEEN upgrades. (My aim has been to keep it as 'everyday usable' ). eg recent alternator, (pic shows Dynamo - now in box of spares), Replacement servo (lockheed: which is obtainable), braided brake hoses, modern tyres (Rally R680, correct section), Koni rear shox, immobiliser, Luminition opto electronic ignition, recent 3 core radiator. Toneau (water proof cover for interior). As new, Double Duck Roof. Also included is Box of spares with many new and original parts etc.

VIN: 7210797G type: 45, engine number N28015. Build date October 1972, 1st registered March 1973. Certified by lotus (to get zero tax status). No accidents. Genuine lotus Galvanised fitted c 1984, when lotus 1st supplied galvanised replacements. At this time the car was only 11 yrs old so the chassis was simply swapped - no subjective 'restoration' on this car.

Download Hi Rez Pix from .. (10Mb)
Underside: (17Mb)

Zero road tax and ?100 comprehensive, limited mileage insurance.

I am in East Berkshire (M4 J6).

Price is ?17950 ono. I am Happy to email answers/pix etc. But please know your car before arranging to see (I do not give test drives to see if you like elans nor tyre kicking sessions etc. :-) But show serious interest (and ability to pay) and any inspection is welcome (I have a pit in my garage).

Is that reasonable ?

Re: Elan Sprint Drophead for sale in UK. original /usable 1973

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:25 pm
by trw99

If you are asking if the advert sounds reasonable, I would say so.

If, on the other hand, you are asking if the car sounds reasonable, yep, I reckon so.

However, I suspect you are asking if we think the price is reasonable. Well, that is subjective and really as we all know, the car will be worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. In the current Sprint market ?17k is in the right ball park for a good useable car, if that is what someone is looking for. If they want a concours car, then they would have to factor in bodywork costs so would probably ask you for a reduction to reflect that.

Good luck with selling your car.


Re: Elan Sprint Drophead for sale in UK. original /usable 1973

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:56 pm
by axis77a
Thanks Tim, yep you correctly interpreted - thanks for the feedback.

I have considered doing a 'body job' (for a nano second) but as you'll see on the pix its pretty good as is.
I decided not to as to be done well this needs body off and completely stripped down and so effectively becomes 'a restoration', which turns this usable car into something too 'precious'. Also the range of the meaning of the word 'restoration' is pretty wide, an not always better than honest originality.

I used to be a total Lotushead (cough) 30 yrs ago - had 4 sprints and others, since then have more modern stuff (porkers, sheds, elises etc.) .. I love the way this elan drives like a slightly more delicate elise (ie even more feel thro the steering) but with a much wider handling envelope ie fun at road speeds :-). That's why others have come and gone but the Elan has remained. I'm still not sure if I want to sell or not - I've had such fun with this car over the years .. part of the family.

Thanks for keeping up an excellent resource, it has expanded and become mega comprehensive since last time I looked. Thank you !

Re: Elan Sprint Drophead for sale in UK. original /usable 1973

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:03 pm
by trw99

Thank you.

If you have had driving pleasure from such good cars as the others are, but end up still rating the Elan, then you know what a gem you already have. It sounds like you do not really want to sell and in that case don't, you will only regret it a month later! I'm sure everyone on here would agree. :D

You are quite right, once that body is off you can not help but end up restoring much of the car. I have said it before, but a car is only original once and I rather like the patina of age, so I would probably like your Sprint!


Re: Elan Sprint Drophead for sale in UK. original /usable 1973

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:52 pm
by axis77a
Updated to ?17950 ono
The previous 'offers over' seemed to confuse the vast majority of people who have called about it.

Also updated Picture download links and added engine and lotus authentication letter...
Hi Rez Pix from .. (10Mb)


Re: Elan Sprint Drophead for sale in UK. ++SOLD++

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:43 am
by axis77a
Now sold - locally so It will be good to see it on the road more.
Its been fun :D