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Lotus Elan S3 FHC LHD (Left Hand Drive) Project Road / Race

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:46 pm
by tynemead
Today I unearthed from long term storage a Lotus Elan S3 FHC with left hand drive, (Perfect for Europe) This car was imported from Florida after standing in the open for 8 years after the owner died. This was in 1991 and has been in storage in the UK ever since. So 26 years off the road. :( :(

I have all the paperwork, US title & Customs paperwork.

The goods things, 99% complete and not stripped. On a quick look the head lamp vacums are missing.

The engine has a Vegantune rocker cover and serial number so I quess it was exported from the UK and had a modified Veganture engine.

The Bad

Needs complete restoration, the body has had big arches fitted (however most of the originals are still underneath. The front bumper has been smoothed to the front panel.

It is easy to buy new arches ?50 each to put it back to standard as I have just done one.

Paint work is horrible, will need strip back to gell coat, however very few star cracks or damage.

Interior - even worse, seats are usable but metal has rusted, will need complete restoration new headlining, door panels and dash will need covering, need carpets. wood dash is the worst I have ever seen. and the dial are non original.

Wheel are knock on but have been made wider to fit arches, tyres are low profile and look very good.

As I say it will need a full restoration, I will check the chassis in the morning when it goes on the ramp, but on first look it seem to be only surface rust.

Let me know if you are interested and I will get pictures in the morning. It will not look pretty but why pay top money for one that need paint and possible other work when you can buy this one and do a full rebuild and end up with like new car.

Original colour looks to be Lotus Yellow.

Otherwise I am happy to carry out a full restoration to as new built to your specification with stage payments. You are welcome to come and see the two I am currently working on which will be up for sale shortly.

Would make good historic race car

Engine on webers

Call Jonathan on 07876 566182. or email me [email protected]


Checked the chassis and all looks good, just a fine coating of surface rust, I have also turned the engine over by hand.

Re: Lotus Elan S3 FHC LHD (Left Hand Drive) Project Road / Race

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:22 pm
by Jason1
On Ebay Item number: 180403277852

nothing to do with me :)