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PostPost by: Azureblue » Sun May 24, 2009 11:16 am


I have come to the decision that my elan, which I have owned for the last 5 years will never get finished and I just don't have the time available.

Before that the car was off the road for 20 years.

50000 miles on the clock

G reg

I have been rebuilding it over the last 5 years and the car is now a rolling shell with all of the suspension, drive train, engine all on or in the chassis.

Body is sitting on the chassis.

The chassis is a lotus galvanised replacement.

Engine, weber head, converted to unleaded, timing chain replaced, water pump replaced.

Webers rebuilt.

Gearbox seals replaced and tail bearing.

Diff seals replaced and also outer bearings.

All chassis bushes ,lotocones, etc, replaced.

Stainless twin outlet exhaust, not fitted

Body stripped and I have started the repairs and have also purchased a front section as I have never been happy with an old repair and this is available with the car.

Spider drive shafts, prop UJ's replaced

All brake pipes replaced, braided hoses, calipers overhauled, new pads all round.

New dash, already fitted with all of it's gauges.

And much more work has been completed and the major work left to do is the body shell then put it all back together.

There are so many new parts available with the car but it is impossible to list them all.

Please e mail if you are interested, and yes I would be prepared ship abroad. at your expense.

<[email protected]>

I am listing here first, before I put it on E bay,but that won't be for a couple of weeks yet as I want to give the people on this forum first option as I would like it to go to a good home.

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PostPost by: Paul A » Mon May 25, 2009 2:11 pm

Is the car a FHC or drop head? Excuse the ignorance if i should have worked it out from the description! I'm new the Elans, love the looks, but not up to speed with everthing yet. How much are you asking for the car?
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PostPost by: Azureblue » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:45 pm


Thanks for the many enquires.

Car is located in Fife near Dundee, Scotland

The car is a FHC, the original colour was yellow and when I bought it it was red over white but the paint has now all be removed, so it can now be any colour you want but I was planning to put it back to original.

The radiator has been rebuilt and there are also two new headlight actuators that I have just come across, and also I have found a complete set of front, rear and hand brake pads. There are too many things to list and also too many boxes to go through but I will take the time to do it for the serious buyers.

All of the body parts are there, bonnet, boot lid, doors and head light pods.

Wind screen and rear screen are there and are in excellent condition.

The bottom of the door frames do have some surface corrosion at the botton on the steel areas but it's nothing that a wire brush and some rust treatment won't fix. The crome work is also in good condition.

The interior will need some work with the seats and the doors trims tneeding to be recovered. The centre console padded cover also needs replaced. The carpets are in good condition and will clean up well.

The crash pad is still in the car and is in excellent condition.

As I have already said many items have already been rebuilt or replaced.

If you need any more info them please just E mail me.

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PostPost by: Azureblue » Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:47 pm


Many thanks for the many enquires/interest but sorry the car has now been sold.

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