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The Right Brg For March 1966?

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2004 6:02 pm
by marcfuller
The Lotus archivest just says my car was originally BRG. When I review the color charts there are many different paint codes for BRG, even with the same paint maker. What is the right color/code of BRG for a Coupe produced in 3/66 ? TIA!

Re: The Right Brg For March 1966?

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2004 6:51 pm
by nebogipfel
Colours are always a problem. There were several versions of British Racing Green during the 60's and 70's MG, Triumph, and Jaguar all had there own versions which also varied over the years.

I don't know if Lotus had there own version or used someone else's but I would suggest your best course of action would be to contact you local paint suppliers and find out if they have the original mixing formulas for the Lotus colour/s

I would think paint companies such as Berger or Spies Hecker would have the mixing formulas on record. They might even have a colour swatch you could have a look at to see if you actually like the Lotus shade. (you might prefer Jaguar BRG).

Anyone who has been in the paint business for quite a while would probably have Lotus colour swatches laying around (Anyone who sold ICI paint in the 60's 70's for example.)

Good luck and bear in mind that as long as the colour you chose is fairly close no-one will ever know! :)