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Elan back in production?

PostPost by: h20hamelan » Thu Dec 22, 2022 5:54 pm

Not Élan, Cobra like

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PostPost by: Ianashdown » Fri Dec 23, 2022 12:17 am

Cobras have a huge following, personally I’ve never understood the attraction, Elans don’t come close in numbers of devotees.

There might be enough Elan fans to make a similar plan viable, but the return would be a long time coming.

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PostPost by: The Veg » Fri Dec 23, 2022 12:36 am

I laugh at them claiming to be a company more than a century old. The name is, but the original company is long-gone as is several reincarnations. Kind of a shame too that Cobra-replicas are all they can do, and that there seems to be no limit to the demand for such.

And I say that as somebody who briefly knew Mr. Shelby toward the end of his life.
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PostPost by: Spyder fan » Fri Dec 23, 2022 9:57 am

There are various UK companies recreating iconic classic cars as brand new vehicles.

Examples are

MST Cars https://mst-cars.com/ They will build you a new Mk1 or Mk2 escort to your specification, but mostly they are updated/upgraded with modern Ford engines and running gear cost in the region of £100k


Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive https://www.davidbrownautomotive.com/mini-remastered/
Similar money to a new Escort


Then there’s Eagle Cars (E type) Frontline Developments (MGB GT)

The pattern for all the above is desirable classics that were produced in large volumes ( compared to Elans) with a large pattern part backup.

A new Elan is possible, the cost would be around 80k, it would have to be a high proportion of brand new parts, some reconditioned parts are allowed but they must have evidence (invoice). Note that the MST Escorts don’t have any Ford badges, so I doubt you could call a new Elan a Lotus unless licensed by Geely.
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PostPost by: nomad » Fri Dec 23, 2022 3:20 pm

Yes to someone making a new Elan but the one that really blows my mind is why isn't the Elite being remade? The originals sell for a premium and the Elite requires a minimum of special parts. Agree that the engine/transmission or a good substitute might be a problem but the car itself would not.

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PostPost by: prezoom » Fri Dec 23, 2022 4:21 pm

Having owned both, a 64 289 Cobra CSX2176, and both flavors of the Elan, I will take the Elans, hands down over the cart with a big engine. I can qualify that by saying I put way more mileage on the Cobra, using as an everyday driver and trips in the car as far as the Canadian boarder. It is much easier to put 600 miles a day in either Elan, than 200 miles in a Cobra. About the only thing I have regrets about with the Cobra is, I purchased it for $3800......sigh. And, my wife and I, her idea, purchased the Cobra while still owning my Lotus S7. Now there is an equal comparison.
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