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Airey Tuning: Superb! Highly Recommended

PostPost by: Stevie-Heathie » Fri Nov 11, 2022 4:10 pm

Yesterday I collected my 67 S3 SE from Tom Airey near Winchester, Hants after he had spent a couple of days tuning her and I have to say I’m blown away by what he has done.

Some of you might remember I fitted QED420 cams and vernier timing gear back in 2017. I was never really over the moon with the result. Big flat spot at 2,000rpm, running really rich, despite a couple of rolling road sessions at Rawles the Healey specialists. About 103bhp

I FINALLY got around to getting it sorted and oh my has Tom Airey sorted it!

I’m over the moon at how she drives. 118bhp on the rolling road and Tom reckons that’s 140bhp at the flywheel. So we are in the 180bhp/tonne zone. In pretty illustrious company with things like Impreza wrx sti wagons and Cayman S, etc. But really smooth at all revs, no flat spots. And he reckons more fuel efficient too!

The jetting was wrong on both main jets and idle jets, which explains my flat spot and lumpiness. He said they were actually in between sizes, which I remember them saying 5 years ago at the last tune, so they had to compromise on the settings. Not Tom - he takes the smaller size and machines them on a super precise lathe. Now he says it’s running sweet as a top and it’s a “wonderful little engine”. Very sensitive to minute changes but well built so hats off to Max500

So I’m made up.

Tom has been tuning since 1962 (yes really!). He actually retired two years ago but a customer with a V12 quad cam Ferrari engine persuaded him out of retirement by leaving the car under a cover outside his house for a week, came back and he knew Tom wouldn’t be able to resist having a play and sorting it out! So now he works at his own pace only. You have to drop the car off and you can’t watch him work. He likes to take his time and it’s a flat rate. He keeps the cars for a few days so he can tune them when cold as well as warm. Sometimes he needs to sleep on it to work out what’s going on. No stress, no customers looking over your shoulder, he’s loving it again.

He put in a different profile NGK plug too. £590 for everything. Money well spent. I called when I got home to tell him how happy I was, offered to email him a review for his website. Thank you he says but he has never got his email to work!

They don’t make them like him anymore.

B3CFB13D-53A9-4EA4-BDBF-5B2A5BA6BE6D.jpeg and
Tom back in the Day
C5FF5BF1-4775-494A-B3C3-4C4F401BA61C.jpeg and
Lotus waiting at Tom Airey’s
EA18398B-CDCC-4D4D-9451-CA6FBCE4C992.jpeg and
Airey Tuning sticker and marked up adjustment screws - code for “do not touch!”
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PostPost by: cliveyboy » Tue Nov 15, 2022 7:55 am

I was thinking about Airey to tune mine in the future.
From your recommendation they are the ones I will use.
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