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Wheel spinner LH or RH?

PostPost by: reb53 » Fri Sep 02, 2022 6:32 am

alan.barker wrote:When i was visiting my family in New Zealand several years ago i went to a classic car show Paraparaumu.
I had a chat with a Kiwi who had rebuilt his +2S Elan and made a super job of it BUT he had put the Spinners on the wrong side. When i pointed out his mistake and said he should look at the other Elans at the show he stopped talking.

That would have been at Len Southwards Museum.
In which case he would have checked out my Sprint, ( which is correct....!).
I don't recall the +2 though.

They used to have an open day every year, free admission if you turned up in a classic car.
That stopped quite a few years ago, ( pre Covid), as , presumably, the person now in charge was some kid fresh out of some second rate "University" with a "Marketing Degree" who decided that "the numbers don't add up".
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