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Trying to locate "Teuchter"

PostPost by: pharriso » Fri Feb 19, 2021 2:57 pm

I am trying to locate the person with this name on Bring-A-Trailer.

This Auction https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1968-lotus-elan-s3/ says his location is : Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Reason I am trying to contact him is in Ted Taylor's auction he said "Interesting, I own a 1972 Sprint rust free BC car in Lagoon Blue....." & I would like his Vin & contact details for the Federal Elan Registry.

If you are Teuchter, or know how to contact him, please contact me through PM.
Phil Harrison
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PostPost by: Alasdair » Sat Feb 20, 2021 2:52 pm

PM sent.

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