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Handbrake Lever Not Releasing

PostPost by: Jentwistle3 » Sun Jul 19, 2020 3:51 pm

Hi All! I hope that you are all doing ok despite the Wuhu. I’ve taken advantage of the saved commuting time to do projects on my S2 Elan. I had a problem with the handbrake not releasing and I didn’t see any article here so I thought I’d post a few pics on what I found.

Many other posts deal with disassembly of the lever once it has been detached. To summarize: there is a button / spring sandwiched between the frame and the slide which keeps the slide from coming all the way out:

9CCF78BD-26FE-425D-975B-C9BF670ED8E5.jpeg and

Depressing the button allows you to remove the slide:

8A43658C-C035-47EB-A5E9-F7A65BA63A5D.jpeg and

And the bits look like this:

947A69ED-DB2B-4C79-A7A2-09E409B0CB96.jpeg and

My problem was that when I pushed the button the slide would not release. There is a little steel toggle attached to the slide which is spring loaded to engage dimples or teeth which are pressed into the side of the frame. When you push the button a steel rod with a bronze wedge on the end is supposed to push the toggle down, disengaging it from the teeth. Like everything else this wedge seems to have worn down with time.

1B042228-5B74-4DD8-BD1F-4C463FF20B2E.jpeg and

The wedge is threaded onto the end of the rod so it is a simple matter to adjust the assembly to be a little longer. The problem seems to be solved pending reassembly.
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PostPost by: danwasdahl » Sun Jul 19, 2020 5:42 pm

Thanks for the iPhoto’s and analysis
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