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Re: S4 DHC Project

PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:24 pm
by Certified Lotus
I think an interesting point is most chassis and suspension parts that are being media blasted are due to complete coverage of surface rust. The original ?protective paint? didn?t hold up. I?ve done a number of frame off restorations and it?s amazing how rusty the metal parts are, even after a restoration mid-point in the cars life.

I?ve been using powder coating for sports car restorations and modifications for over 25 years. Never had a problem. Now, you need to understand that I have been using the same powder coater the entire time, he knows what he is doing after a lifetime of coating just about anything that will fit into his walk in ovens. He doesn?t ?sell me? anything. He knows these parts flex and uses the right powder formulation for the purpose (I don?t know the specifics). I also use him for all my outdoor patio furniture that sits outside 365 days a year in all kinds of weather conditions.

The most important point of covering a bare metal chassis and/or suspension parts is to do it right away if you have media blasted the metal. Corrosion sets in very quickly and you don?t want to cover metal that is already starting the corrosion process. Prepping metal for paint or powder coating is vital.

I?m sure there are many who will argue the point of powder coating. Just providing my experience.