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I am seeking some information from anyone who has knowledge about preparing a Lotus Elan S4 for competition.
My car has a 26R type bucket seat currently however with this seat in place I am a) hitting my head on the roof with a crash helmet on and b) finding that imy crash helmet hits the padded roll cage behind me also.

Although the existing seat seems to be quite close to the floor I am wanting to find a seat that can potentially be bolted to the floor or very close to it to assist with the headroom problem but also a FIA approved hi-back to ensure I do not bang my head against the roll cage and will pass scrutineering for hillclimbs and sprints.

I know the cockpit of the Elan is narrow and thus would appreciate advice from anyone that has been down this road and has been able to find a solution to the above problems.

From looking online I have identified the Cobra Race Pro, Cobra FIA Historic and a seat from Motordrive which was the subject of a previous post from 2009.

I am 6' in height and approx. 14 Stone.

Many Thanks

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