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Seeking Info For Listed Elan

PostPost by: Chancer » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:37 pm


You interpreted my words perfectly and said exactly what I was thinking rather than writing.

I still cant see a lot of the things that you guys have picked out, not saying they aren't there but congratulating you on where to look, what to look for and your keen eyesight.

What the seller said about the new respray looking good from 10 feet away together with the photos failing to hide flat dull areas and orange peel that even my eyes can see would say to me that as a potential owner the respray has deducted money from what the vehicle is worth (to me), I would rather buy an honest car where I could see all the paintwork defects not wait a year for them to appear and have an extra coat of paint to remove.
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PostPost by: mold67 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:41 am

It is a bit of a mismatch. In addition to all that has been listed, I compare it to my S3 365678,which is 101 units earlier, and yet see that mine was fitted with the later "Chapman" signature steering wheel; interior courtesy lights on the inside panels to the rear of the doors on each side; a key lock on the glove box door; the passenger side "World Champions" badge for 1963 & 1965; missing bonnet release handle; and a yellow nose badge. It sort of makes you concerned about the condition of things unseen, ie the engine internals. Buyer beware.
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PostPost by: Gorpon73 » Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:17 am

To be fair, the dealer provided a HUGE pdf of scanned documents/receipts and didn't really try to present the car as anything but what it seems to be.

I reviewed the chronology provided by the PO (L.W. Langley?) via dealer. According to this, the car came from North Carolina in 2009. Engine is from a Cortina and body/parts are piecework. There is a listed, "off road accident" where the front end was totaled, but it is stated prior to the installation of the Spyder frame.

An interesting prospect, but may need an in person inspection.
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