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wind screen wipers which side!!

PostPost by: elansprint71 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:29 pm

I remember when this was the Elan forum. :wink:

When we went through all this last time... and the time before, some bloke put up a load of photographs of new Elans, either at the factory, in dealers, in brochures or on road tests. There appears to be no right, or wrong side, I've had two which dress on the right (68, 71) and one on the left (69). I can't be bothered looking for the photos again and the search function these days defeats me. :D

Now, speaking of Morris Minors... I've had one with clap hands which clapped in the middle, one where they both went up to the opposite sides at the same time (un-clapping?!), one which dressed on the right and one on the left. Oh yes, and on more than one occasion, the sound of one hand clapping after a wiper departed for the hedgerow.
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PostPost by: Plus 2 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:04 pm

Oh dear dear is that a snarky remark just above :cry:

Those that think they have been through the discussions ALL before need to realise new ideas/inputs and new members come along and whilst they may or may not have owned the cars before maybe they held a senior position in the worlds leading automaker say before retiring and felt it inappropriate then to discuss certain things on open forums.

Actually that is an excellent drawing grizzly and demonstrates exactly the flip side of the debate/dilemma of why modern cars or companies prepared to invest and tool up for independent RHD and LHD wiper packages have now gone to passenger side wiper parking, as with correct gearing/packaging and leverage it allows the passenger side wiper to simply do an overlap sweep and the drivers side to be geared/cantilevered in such a way that it really only does a partial sweep ensuring the changeover occurs almost vertical at the drivers window edge which maximises the drivers cleared vision in the top corner of the screen especially useful for high road signs or overhead traffic lights.

Unfortunately the old Lucas wiper motor design with the spiral wound drive to the simple wheelboxes did not achieve this with a low cost 'common' package for right and left hand drive cars. Hence the wiped area on the screen works the same whichever motors UK or federal were fitted, so the only factor possible as to why even bother having the two options back then becomes the benefit of clearing the drivers screen area first which no one seemed to care really matters either :mrgreen:


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