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PostPost by: trw99 » Fri May 23, 2014 8:12 am

The Robin Read book is "Colin Chapman's Lotus: The Early Years, Elite and Origins of the Elan" and is available on Amazon.

The Authenticity Certificates were introduced by Andy Graham, the current Lotus Cars Archivist. He did so for all types of Lotus, not just Elans. As far as the records are concerned, it is my belief that from the time Lotus first went public in 1967 record keeping became better and that was improved upon again when the 'new' VIN system was introduced at the beginning of 1970. So a rather sweeping statement may be that prior to the move to Hethel Lotus record keeping occasionally left something to be desired, though I do think we need to bear in mind that at the time there was very little thought given to future historians and owners interests!

In the late seventies there was a flood at the factory, knee high in places. Many Elan records were stored in the old airfield fire engine shed at ground level and that is where I understand some destruction occurred. The records for S4 and Sprints between unit numbers 0172 through to 0501 (types EFGHJK) were lost. It is these records that between Andy Graham and myself we are attempting to rebuild.

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This a bit off topic however, I also looked for the book and found this great article on the Elite, and it was during that time Robin Read was employed at lotus.
http://lotuseliteworldregister.com/memb ... elite-1468
I indicates he was thereat the beginning of the Elan production.

Back to the topic the book title
"Colin Chapman's Lotus" by Robin Read (Author)

Colin Chapman's Lotus Hardcover
by Robin Read (Author)
http://www.amazon.com/Colin-Chapmans-Lo ... 0854297030

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Thanks for the info guys. I've seen that cover come up on Ebay from time to time but I've not read the book.

I really must have been having brain fade not to find that on Amazon, either that or a case of fumble fingers on the keyboard.

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