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Window rope to glass fasteners.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:04 pm
by alexblack13
Hi Guys..

Still making these and a mk 2 vers' is in the making. Remember if you are using these please don't over tighten them. Remember they are bored longways and also cross drilled so they are not hugely strong. When tightening them just nip them up onto the glass with either a fibre washer both sides or a rubber O ring in place of the fibre on the rope side. You don't need to over tighten. You are not trying to clamp the ropes onto the copper washers as of old. The grub-screws hold the ropes. All you need to do is gently nip the nylock nuts up to lightly clamp the glass. Also. I have been told now that the holes in the glass can vary and be quite a bit larger than the fasteners, and one guy said the holes were too small... :roll: :lol: If you have the larger versions then try and produce a 'bush' of some sort to take up the diameter difference. I used a small piece of rubber tubing. Try not to have glass - metal interface. Get it right and you take the 'rock' out of the equation & it's sorted. Easy does it..

Mk 2 is a lot stronger but the same rules apply. Gently does it and just lightly clamp the glass only.

let me know if anyone needs a set. Don't break your Glass & remember to make a template before starting. If you break a Glass any decent local glass supplier can make them for you. Just give them your template.

Been donating some of the dosh to Great Ormond St Hospital (for sick kids)... Well done guys. All done with your help.