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Fixing bolt patterns for a Borg Warner T5

PostPost by: worzel » Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:20 pm

Hi- and Happy New Year to All

Hoping to pick others' brains. On a T5 box can anybody tell me what the fixing pattern is for the bellhousing. I know these boxes were fitted to Sierra Cosworths so possibly some of them (all of them?) use a Ford pattern. If so, any ideas which one- is it standard Sierra ie Type 9 or something else. I'd go to a local gearbox outlet to take some mesasurements but unfortunately T5 boxes don't seem too thick on the ground.

Thanks in anticipation.

On an entirely unrelated note (and I don't normally post items of this nature), over the 33 years I've had this car I've occasionally toyed with selling it (and not necessarily because it was giving me grief at the time). However, after recently giving it an "airing" after a longish layoff I was reminded just why I've hung on to it! Difficult to find something better.

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