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When discussing splined half shaft and the use of non- rubber donut shafts in the 26R, one must realize that the shafts used in 26Rs were not simply splined. 26R halfshafts have crossed roller bearings inside to allow change in length with reduced friction. These have to be much more expensive to fit than than normal splines, but to someone so concerned about friction binding in the chassis, a good solution on a limited group of cars.

Chapman had good reason to be concerned. His novel design on the front of the Lotus 17 sportsracer did bind under hard cornering loads and turned a new breakthrough into a disaster. Almost every Lotus 17 today has had the front suspension changed from original strut to short armed double wishbone system.

I agree that had ACBC had the choice of todays CV joints, he might have been convinced to use them, but I'll bet that donuts would still have won out on cost.

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