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PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:10 pm
by twincamman
OK TO clear the air --I have been contacted by the moderator and BIGVALVE HEAD as to my limiting the responses on this subject , I only have asked for solid proof of these cars and not non substantiated recollections ,according to many my car cannot exist --bolt on weels LHD etc etc but there it sits --numbers scrawled in black chalk R 2 33--------if I discouraged all from replying Im sorry BUT l am not going to with draw from the facts I have seen is building the car and comparing it to my chums 64 Elan ----As I stated the release of the fact that Lotus has no Idea what went where has created much interest of late ----as to what cars were sold out the back door or as knock downs or skunk house built comparing lists and numbers must be a daunting and impossible job -----but feel free to expound as you wish ---e