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Re: Anyone have any comments on this S3?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:35 pm
by Ross Robbins
Let me say up front that I don't know either car but I know folks who have had dealings with both NECC and Tony and the contrast could not be greater. If Tony says the car is this or that, it IS this or that. That is not the same for NECC.

As for the Right Hand Drive, two of my favorite cares are RHD and I have driven thousands of miles in them without problem. I think it is a mindset that must be amended to allow the enjoyment of RHD. Yes there are a few differences that must be accommodated and they can be readily accommodated.

I believe the key to an enjoyable Lotus experience is to get the right car at a good price and you were smart to ask this board for assistance in that. Good luck and happy Lotusing!

Re: Anyone have any comments on this S3?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:41 am
by tvacc
Ross, thanks for the nice words. I do take these silly cars very seriously, and my Lotus rep even more so.

To the original poster, I have described the car on the LOONY site to the best of my abiity. I am the one that put the rear suspension back into the car. It has all new shocks, springs, bolts, nuts, rotoflex, and the list goes on.

My friend put a vacuum canister up front because he could not figure out why the front cross member was not holding a vacuum. EDIT.....I see nothing obvious such as rust in the frame or a crack. End EDIT I am not convinced that the aux cannister is really necessary. If I had time this summer I was going to try and figure it out, but we had a very busy summer. We built a new Caterham for one of our fellow LOONYs, spent the summer driving with him, and he just passed away. The Caterham was a surprise gift from his son. The summer went fast. This Elan is now sitting on my trailer in storage. If you really are interested, this is really a great car. Not a 100 point car, but a really nice car. I almost bought that bunch of bolts Elan on EBay last week. But it closed at 11K or so. I would have gone to 5K and then used those parts to put this Elan to LHD. and kept the car for myself.

Re: Anyone have any comments on this S3?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:02 am
by Type26s2
Hi. Not sure if you've seen this . . .
I'd be cautious.

Re: Anyone have any comments on this S3?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:47 am
by memini55
Let me start with a comment or two. First I know nothing of the car in question or of the shop in question. I would like to comment on the frame repair and strengthening. I have restored a couple of Elan frames and on each have made improvements by adding gussets and reinforcements to rails, motor mounts, towers and many other areas. You can find lots of write ups on these types of mods and I can send pictures of my work if it would help. If they are any kind of restoration shop you should be able to get details of the work and pictures as well. Also easy to look the frame over and see the mods and if they are done correctly. If they are done poorly and with bad welding the frame could be junk. If you are really serious about that car and don't have the knowledge get some help as there are many on this site that could assist.

Now for a second on Tony, I have meet him at LOG's and read and talked to him thru this site and I would respect his efforts and word on the sale of his freinds car. I too have a couple of rhd cars and as Ross has said they are no issue to drive. One of my favorite things to do in our Mini is for my wife to be driving and me in the left seat and waving with both hands as we meet traffic. You can't believe the looks you get, is someone driving that car???

Any how best of luck with your future venture.

Re: Anyone have any comments on this S3?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:37 am
by tvacc I am getting nervous. I hope I can live up to all the kind words.
Just kidding, I know I can.

As for the car I have here, there is one more thing I could do. I dont know where the original poster is located but he is certainly welcome to look at this car I have here in Buffalo NY.

if he wants to buy it sight unseen, what I can offer is the following guarantee. I will hold the money in escrow until the car is delivered to the buyer. if after inspecting the car, he is disatisfied for any reason, as long as he covers the shipping both ways and the car gets back here in the same shape, in the same condition with the same parts and in a reasonable time, i will refund the money minus whatever amount of the shippping has not been paid.

I have done this with numerous Sevens and Caterhams and no one has ever sent one back. ( I did have a guy that tried to swap out an engine and send the car back. He would have had me if I had not gone and got the car myself. There is always one rotton apple in the barrel) Now this is especially a great deal if the cars cost 50K or so....then 3K shipping is a small percentage. On a 20K car, it is more substanial.

I can offer references from many people that I have done this for over the years. People I have never met but just know my reputation. For all amounts of money from 15K to 100K. I normally charge 8% for this service, but this one will be free just to help my friend. I was best man at his wedding.

To be honest, I am surprised this car has not been snapped up by someone in the UK.

Re: Anyone have any comments on this S3?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:29 pm
by pharriso
Wow guys, I am overwhelmed by the offer from Tony (for the car in Buffalo) & by the feedback on NECC.

I am currently looking at what I can get get for my money, that includes both elans & elites & will probably be buying in the Summer.

Thanks for all the comments folks, what a great community!

Phil Harrison

p.s. Tony I am from Long Island, I was just in Watkins Glen, racing with SVRA.