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added fuse box (also Windscreen Wiper)

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Bob - that steering wheel was fitted to the car
when I bought it. The boss has an integral black
plastic base which has been cut to fit the
binnacles. I believe the column is Triumph, could
the wheel be of Triumph origin or just a generic
aftermarket item?

Looks like an aftermarket item to me (but I put a
"tasteful" Grant replacement on mine to emulate the
popular Momo and Moto-Lita often retrofitted to the Elan
and Europa). I actually cut an original center taken
from an Elan steering wheel and drilled the Grant to fit
the same bolt pattern in an attempt at making it look "in

It takes a special talent to flick that switch at
the right instant to park the wipers!

I do it all the time. Have to time it very precisely to make it look
as the parking "reverse" motion works in the original. 8^)

Can't have the drivers around us be aware that it isn't working as
designed, can we?

Best regards,
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