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As my every day car for the last 8 years is a TR7 drophead I can
testify that the later design is reliable(certainly more than the
lotus vacuum system), the complete assy including linkage and cast
alloy base plate is very well engineered and could possibly be used
but it is very heavy.
The motor itself is basically a windscreen wiper motor with a parking
switch in 2 places, this is the part that can fail( it is effectively
a phosphor bronze leaf spring with a hole punced through it at the
point of max bending stress!!).
I have used the motor in my +2 and with the above sorted out it is
As with most of the TR7 avoid earlier cars as almost everything was
re-engineered in the first couple of years.
When I get a chance I will take a photo.


--- In [email protected], ***@***.***e:
This elecrical lifter was used on the Lotus Excel, and I can testift

it's general reliability.
As I remember my Excel I had one lifter per side, so it may take
some inginuity to fit to the elan


>I also have an AE86 Toyota Corolla GTS that has electrical lamp

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